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Simulate an inverter using tanner Spice S-EDIT

October 12th, 2010 admin

Program to simulate an inverter

* SPICE netlist written by S-Edit Win32 7.00

* Written on May 28, 2008 at 15:42:43


.options probefilename=”inver.dat”

+ probesdbfile=”C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Desktop\gr1\inver.sdb”

+ probetopmodule=”Module0″

* Main circuit: Module0

M1 b a Gnd Gnd Nh L=.15u W=.45u AD=66p PD=24u AS=66p PS=24u

M2 b a Vdd Vdd Ph L=.15u W=.9u AD=66p PD=24u AS=66p PS=24u

v3 a Gnd bit({01010101} pw=100n on=1.0 off=0.0 rt=.10n ft=.10n delay=0 lt=100n ht=100n)

vdd vdd gnd 1

.include dual.md

.tran .1n 800n

.power 100n 200n

.print tran a b

Simulated output diagram

sp1As can be seen from the waveform, the inversion of the input waveform has been achieved in the output waveform. So, the inverter characteristics are met.

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