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Food recipe:Kosha Magsho and Vetki Bread

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Kosha Magsho

What we need(ingredients):

2-3 kg mutton

260 gm ginger

100 gm garlic paste

110 gm red chilli power

500 gm tomato paste

Salt to taste

3 onions

7 bay leaves

1.4 kg refied oil

5 pieces of luchi


How to do

Method of preparation


Take the mutton,ginger,salt,garlic paste,red chilli power and refined oil  in a bowl and marinate well.Now put this bowl in frigerator for 1 hour

Take a Kadhai which is deep enough ,and heat the  kadhai after adding refined oil and boil it.After taking the bay leaves and  then slice the onions and  then put into the kadahi,heat it until the color turns into golden brown.

Then add tomato paste and cook it, cook till the amount of tomato paste is half the previous amount, I mean the   amount taken initially getting halved.

Then add the marinated mutton into the kadhai and cook as required .When cooking of the mutton is done pour it o   on another pot.

Use chilli flakes and serve with the luchi .

So this is how tulip sehll(Luchi) and KOSHA MAGSHO can be prepared and served with the luchi.



A new recipe for Bhetki and bread.


What are the ingredients?

8 pieces of 1.5 inch squared sized vethki  bhetki pieces.

110 gram sour curd

35 gm ginger pasted form

4-6 piecs of gondhoraj lebu

20 ml refined oil.

5-8 pieces of white bread slices.


How to prepare this item(Method of preparation)



First of cut the gondhoraj lime and get the juice in a pot.

Next we have to prepare a mixture .

The mixture contains chilli paste(20 gm) ,lime juice,ginger paste and salt.Then bhetki  fishes are taken into this mixture and marinated for for 15 minutes.

Now take the curd in a bowl and put all the mixture prepared there and the mix it for 15 minutes.

Put the fishes into the curd and keep for atleast 15-20 minutes.


Now how to serve?

Take a steal plate and take 2 pieces of fish at a tm time.

Then take a banana lead leaf and steam in steamer for 8-10 minutes.

Then add bread and serve.







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How to Make Ilish and kumropata tarkari and Tulip shell (Luchi)

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What wee need:

2-3 pieces of Hilsa fish

75-80 gn  gram mustard paste

25-30 gram chilli paste

40 gram card

40 gram curd


250 gram rice

15-20 ml lemon juice


15-20 ml lime juice

20 gram musterd oil.

Salt(upto taste)

40 gram mango

pickle20 gram coconut paste.

5 gram turmeric

6-8 pieces of pumpkin leaves


How to make:

Take the fish pieces in a pot and the apply salt,lime,turmerica and mix it and left it for 10-15 minutes.

Take steel or plastic or glass bowl and put all the ingredients (donot take the pumpkin  leaves).

This a way prepare a marinade of mixture.

Now apply spice mixture over the fish pieces after 15 minutes.

And cook the hilsa fish  in the same way as boneless ilish  fish is cooked.

After the cooking you can slice the ilish pieces.


Now it’s the turn to use pummkin leaves .Just put a little bit of salt over the leaves ,keep for 10-12 minutes.Put the pumpkin leaves on the top of the preparation. Mix with the rice and serve hot.



Tulip shell:(Luchi how to make )

What we need(ingredients)

1.5 Kg flour ,25 gram salt,180 gram refined aoil and some more for frying.


How to do it:

After sieving the flour we need to masked  –we need to make a well in the center and add oil and salt. After adding the water prepare a dutch.sorry prepare a dough.

Cover the dough with wet clothe and keep for 1  hour.

After 1 hour need to knead the dough and cut into 35 equal pieces.

Shape them into balls and apply oil generously-use a tray to store it and cover   with a moist cloth. Take  Kadhai and and boil some oil,  roll individual portions into circles of 5 inch diameter .Then need to fry the portions which you have rolled;.

After draining the oil remove .


After done serve them hot.


So this is how to make luchi which may be served with kosha magsho .

That’s a great food to taste with.



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