Digital filters :advantages disadvantages and uses and esign

Digital filter advantages
This type fof filter has the greater accuracy.Dital filters are comparatevity cheaper  than the digital filter.The ease of data storage is one of the main advantages of the digital fiters.Implementatipon ofsophisticated algorithm implementation is also very good for the the use of digital filters.Digital filter allows to use of sophisticated algorithm implementation.
Now what is the application of the VLF signals?What we can do in digital filter is that we can process very low frequency signals –signals which cannot be done with the analog filters.

Next we discuss what are the limitation of digital filters.
There is no doubt that digitals filters make the system more complex than the anlog filters.A/D and D/A converters are very much necessary for the application.Beacuse our real world is an anlog one.
For high frequency signals we need to sample as twice of the frequency in concern so because of nyquest criteria.So forhigh frequecy signals samplig frequency becomes a too large which may be a limitation for the A/D converters.

In digital filter the power consumption is more than the anlog filters.
Applications of digital filters:
Digital filters play a major role in thye filed of echo cancellation in telephone networks.In modems ,line repeaters ,channel multiplexing,video conferencing  digital filter has a major role in many application areas of modern days.
In the filed of consumer electronics Tv,radio mp3 player and many song or voice modifiaction applications there are many digital filters are applide.
I image processing application s also digital filters are used.Digital filters are also used iin image compression ,enhancement imeage analysis and recognistion of image s.
Speech processing is a field where digital filters are used .In military application  in radar signal processing the digital filter is an is an essential part.Sonar signal processing is also a place where digital signal processing and use of digital filters are used.
For secure and navigation  digital filters are also used.
Designing digital filters:
How to design a digital filter.Digital filter design is a very important topic in the filed of  digital signal processing.
Design of digital filter is very challenging in the filed of digital filter design.How the digital filters are classified ?
Digital filters are classified based on the fact that how they respond to a unit impulse.

IIR filter:
They are actually the digital counterpart of the analog filters.Thisn this type of filter uses feedback.This filters requires less resources than the FIR filters.

Now what are the problems of high order IIR filters?

The high order IIR filters have or may have problems with the instability,overflow for arith \matic operation.So in this IIR filter require carefulll design to avoid the problems of IIR filters in high order.

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