Blender and use :Using blender -Part-1

Creating animations using the best free software named blender

what is blender ??

So Blender is an open source projects for the creating creation of 3D movies ,games and many animation etc,.

All are done by the use of blender.

So when you are using the blender you feel just like many other popular soft wares which are very expensive like MAYA etc but in blender all is free. This is a open source project and you can get it at free of cost and can also use it for your own purpose.

I will now discuss the composing in blender.

What is composing in blender or how composing is done in blender is as follows.

Several images when combined into a single image called composing. An artist may want to combine a 3D element to 2D element .Including the background etc.

In this scenario blender may l help a lot.

How do we compose in blender in blender ??

In blender 2.45

NOW we will discuss the node window in blender.

So what is node window or node editor??

To access the node editor use SHIFT+F3

What are the optional socekets name in the blender ??

There are a few sockets av available to work wi with , they are Alpha socket ,Image socketr,Z socket.

How to enable buttons in a under RENDER Layer menu .

First need to know how to access the render layer menu .

Press F10 key to get the Render Layer menu.

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