89C51/8051 based questions and notes

basic questions that can be asked at different interviews about 89c51.

89c51 based questions.

89C51 and 89S51 and 89S51 based questions.

8051 question papers that can be asked at different interviews .

What is a microcontroller .

How a microcontroller works at your own words.

What is the differnce between a 89c51 microcontroller and an 89S51 controller.

What is the memory available at AT89S51  and AT89C51 microcontroller.

What is the memory addressing instructions in case of 8051 core microcontroller.

What is the In system programming for a 89S51 microcontroller.

Is that ISP(in system programming possible for the  the AT89C51 /8051 microcontrollers.

How a 8051 microcontroller is different from a 8051 microcontroller.

What are the amount of programming memory available for  for the 89c51 microcontroller .

How ATMEGA 8 is different orm AT89C51 microcontroller.

Are the PIN diagram of AT89C51 microcontroller and the ATMEGA-8 is same.

How we can program an ATMEGA-8 microntroller.

Does a 8051 cose is license free.

What are the licensing options for A 8051 core.

How do you make interfacing of an 8051 microcontroller and the 8255 chip.

Can a 8051 microntrller be interfaced with a real time clock RTC module

What are the requirements to interface an 89c51 module for a RTC implementation

How to inteface a 89C51 /89S51 module with a clock

What are the serial communication baud rates of the 89c51 microcontroller

How to make an system which can do serial communication between 89c51 and the PC

PC and 89C51/89S51/8051 serial communication is that possible.

What is the role of MAX232 chip in case of AT89c51 and the PC serial comminication.

MAX 232 chip and 89C51 interfacing and connection diagram

what are the ports available for the 89C51 microcontroller

What are the serial ports available for 89C51 microcontroller

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