Tips to get success in Joint entrance examination

As we all know that getting success in   exam like JEE or WBJEE can change your life.If the score is high I man if the ranking is good then you may get chance to a reputed college or university and can have an engineering degree. Now how to prepare for that exam.Here are some tips and suggestions that will help you if you want to get success to the JEEE examination. First   of all as you need to prepare the JEE or WBJEE or AIEEE examination during your study. So fix a time for the study of the Higher secondary examinations.


Now How to be prepared when you are studying the   as well ? So try to understand the concepts of the things when you study because if you just remember the problems etc and the solutions so that will not make you a better problem solver (by problem I mean the may be problems associated with physics chemistry or associated with mathematics)

So try to understand them well and see how the formulas etc are used and at which situation the formulas need to used. That can only be achieved via practice.

So when ever you find similar situation then you can apply those formulas.

A problem solving mind :try to grow within yourself.

For example when ever a problem given say a physics related problem is given :first see what are the given information in that problem then apply the appropriate formulas and then try to solve.It is worthy to note that you have to have keep in mind the formulas. Some may argue that we can derive some formulas when needed,so why to remember them-For them I will say time is a very critical factor in competitive examinations. So be aware of that.

Next Try to devote a fixed amount of time each day on the preparation of specifically    for the preparation of WB-JEE examination(Joint entracnce examination)..

Then practice regularly the problem sets.

Many people ask me is that is it   worthy to go for WB-JEE coaching for high price ?Really speaking they may help or may not be as helpful as you think.

Why ? The reason there is no other alternative except hard work if you want to stick to a life of honesty. So donot think that if your child is not well in study and I mean not studious and will get a best result just by spending 10 -15 thousand rupees ,then either you are never did well in study or just prefer to buy a rank –but that is not possible(as I think and if the system OK).What   I mean that tutorial center may show just a way –they have some teachers but do you really think they have the best teachers or the good quality teachers than school. I don’t think so –so teach your son/daughter how to get best help from the teachers available at school. Believe me many teachers are there if they found that your  son/daughter is good in behavior and   studious they will help a lot.


So you must be studious to get a good rank inWb-JEE or JEE or AIEEE or Joint entrance examination.


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