Finger print recognition :Method 2 of implementation

Now in this method of implementation you can do this by DSP processor.

So what are the things required here ?

Obviously you need to study and understand the algorithm very well. Then you require the DSP processor for as a hardware. Now Texas instruments DSK board can serve well for this purpose.

There is also a software comes with the DSK board called code composer studio, so within that code composer studio you can write the finger print recognition algorithm in C and then can download that code to the DSK board.

The DSK board contains the DSP processor and many other peripherals.

So what are the things you need?

Your DSK board should interface with the PC and via PC you will take the image of finger via web cam and the send that image to DSK board and then recognition tasks are done by the DSK board and you may glow a red LED on when there is a mismatch and a green LED when there is a match.

Now a little bit more deep. Explanation ?how DSK board will communicate with the PC ?If you see the code composer manual you can easily found the code to communicate between PC and DSK board via serial or parallel port.

Now take a snapshot or image via the web cam software and save that to some where. Then code composer studio environment run the program to read that that file and extract the raw image pixels and then those raw datas are send to DSK board to process(i mean the finger print recognition processing).

So this way using DSK board you can recognize finger print.

For method 3 see the next article.

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