an-anti-collision-systems-for-railways-GPS/GPRS based:part-2

This article covers another hi- tech ways of preventing the railway train collision .

The system consists of the following parts GPS device, a transmitter (may be GSM based),and a decision maker  an, display etc.

Now how the system installed? Each train consists of GPS device
Each GPS device and systems associated with that have database  for rail line tracks and their locations. They have some Gsm/GPRS link also so after a particular time intervals the GPRS device sends the location information of that train to the main server which is situated  to some central portion under some management. You can consider a central server which have all the location information of railway tracks. So when ever the GPS +GPRS device sending the information (location information) to the central server then from that location information it can be found that whether 2 trains locations approached to a collisionable    distance or not ,if so then a command or signal may be issued from the central server after deciding that and send to the corresponding Trains via GPRS link. So by using this a train can remotely be stopped also. Note trains also send their Ids to central server so that the server can identity which train is at what location now. Next few situations need to be considered. First when two trains passing side by side as tracks are not far so that distance may also be considered as collisionable  distance  and wrong alarm may be generated.
So to avoid this each train path is need to be prefixed and tracks need to have unique ID. For example say “from station :Hariana” to next 200 km if  tracks are uninterrupted then they are given a track no and unique track ID for each track.

Then to build the database of the tracks I mean which track has what GPS location info ,just a trolley or test engine which has GPS device installed run on a track and GPS location information are send via the GPRS link to the central server, this way server   may have created the data bank for that track and can uniquely identify the track through which the   test engine is moving.

Then whenever the actual Train is moving on that track and when ever this train’s engine sending the GPS info of location to the central server via GPRS link then server can easily search the data base and can identify through which track this train is currently moving. Is that track is the allocated track of the train or by some signalling mistake this train has gone into some wrong track ,so that can immediately be identified and can be tracked. So this is the simple idea ,now rest the things i mean the implementation details involved is not easy and many test runs are required as well as the collaboration with the Govt. Is required. Please NOTE:GPS devices available give a little bit error always like 10 meter to 100 meter (can vary).So we  need to take account that also, may be more than one GPS device can be used and from their data actual location may be extracted.

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