Amir Khan:An actor of Bollywood

Hi I am here to share some of my feelings about one of the great actors in Indian cinema whose name  is Amir Kahn.I first watched amir khan in cinema “”Kayamat se kayamat tak”.On that film he  was a newcomer but how matured acting was that.I have found very few (really very few) new comers to act like that natural way. My opinion is that the acting should be such that it should not be felt as actin to the viewer it should be just a natural thing. So if you consider the naturalness in acting Amir khan did that well in his all films (I think).
Next is he good in action seens also. I mean how we have taken him as action hero.
Truly speaking action hero kind of thing is not for amir (I think –for my personal opinion).But he did well in all the films where he casted as  an action hero.
Consider the movie “BAZZI” and “GHULAM”, he performed tremendously well.
Also “SARFAROSH”  too good to watch.
But due to some  physic  I think some time s its hard to seem natural when a thin  boy punching  a heavy weight villain and villain get just flushed out –So I am talking on that-not in terms of action expression and acting.

In sad seen I thing Amir work well I will give 7 out of 10 in action seen in Sad seen.
In Romantic seen I will give 10 out of 10 in all films he did as romantic hero.
I liked them all.

I comedy he still have 9 out of 10.
His film “ANDAZ APNA APNA” was excellent.

I watched his movie 3 idiots its just great movie to watch-what acting he performed and what are the turns in that movie –sometime s it made us cry  in joy –the film is too good.

The film LAGAN his acting as a “BHUBAN” is can be in mind many years it’s a long lusting flavor of acting.
What ever films he made also too good.We are waiting more good films from him as director as well as an actor.

Please note these are my personal feelings /Comments as critic-not having any intention  to hurt any fans of the actor who work to hard to make us happy for the 3 hours in cinema halls.

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