A fingerprint recognition project idea for the BTech /BE final year

This project idea may be taken for the B.Tech final year project .So this project may have many applications like security ,user authentication ,attendance systems etc.

So this project may have a good impact for the engineers in the view of practical implementations as well as in the case of research etc.

So what are the things you need to know before you start this project?

First you need to have some idea about digital image processing ,i mean the theoretical ideas about image matching etc and basic image processing ideas.

Then for the practical implementation point of view you need to have the idea of handling the microcontrollers and the DSP processors and image sensor and interfacing with the microcontroller.

Now I will discuss the different possible ways for the implementation of the fingerprint matching or recognition system based on your field of expertise.

Following are the possible ways for the implementation.


Take a simple PC and an web cam. Make a box and illuminate that box and fit the web cam inside the box. so that when you place your finger on the top of box the distance between the web cam and your finger not be to be too far.

Note the box should be a closed box with a small opening where you place the finger and the web cam .The aim is to take the image of the finger. I want the still image of the finger then do the processing on the PC side using some programming language.

Now in PC side what are the software required and how to interface etc done on PC ?

Note in PC the web cam driver if installed then all OK ,you can run the software provided with the web cam and then take a snap shot for the finger.

Now note that your camera should be GOOD resolution camera (its very easy to get that because when i am writing the article at that time 8MP to 10 MP cameras or web cams are available possibly).Now on the software side you need to know the finger print matching algorithm and then need to implement that. Now question is where i get the finger print recognition algorithms ? Just search google and you will get plenty of algorithms .Then read it very carefully. These algorithms are research level so not very easy to understand. So read with the help of your teacher who is teaching image processing and learn the algorithm then try to implement that.

Now how do i implement.?

What are the things that you need to remember when going to implement that algorithm.

First as i said the method may be just take the picture using the tools provided with the web cam using web cam software provide with the web cam driver CD.

The your program will take the picture then extract features etc and then compare that with the image database that you have and then decide whether there is a match or no match.

Now you may ask how to make the image database? That things you will get in the fingerprint recognition algorithm paper(i mean journal paper).

So this way what are the software available to do that.

You can use C ,VC++ or any programming language .

Best to use MATLAB for doing that.

Now if you want to develop a software that automatically snapshot and then runs the algorithm and decide whether it is a fingerprint match or not then the you need to do with VC++ or .NET etc.

But that requires 1-3 years of professional software development experience on that environment(VC++ etc),but if you can do that then that may be a commercial product.

Obviously carry a more significant.

Other method of implementation is below.

Method 2 follows in this link:

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