How to prepare for JEE examination: An experts guide for success

So to prepare for the IIT JEE following are some suggestions.
But take it from me that only the last night study is never sufficient to get a good marks/Rank in the JEE examination as for that you need to prepare for a long time .
So what are the ways to prepare for that very examination that can change your life -i mean change your life means- can have a good track in your life and in future based on that you may get your favourable subject to study for—in the engineering and technology.
Before that keep in mind you need to prepare   for the board examination as well before you appear for the JEE or the AIEEE.
So need to know the basic differences for that.Board examinations are for the basic concepts , the examinations   and the syllabus are arranged in such a way that you gain the basic concepts about the subjects and then appear for the examination. In JEE examination are mainly application oriented i.e what ever knowledge on basics on different subjects like physics ,chemistry and biology or mathematics you got need to be applied in problems.
So must give special stress on problem solving based on basic concepts
So need to understand that JEE is just the extension of the board examinations.
So basic task for the preparation is that read a chapter ,try to understand the chapter very well then try to grab a good concept on the chapter you just read then ask yourself about what ever portions are not clear to you. Then read those portions again and again to get a good grab on those blurred topics.
Then after you think you have  gained a good concept on that chapter you just read-go on solving few problems on that chapter and after you do a little bit of problems on that book ,move to a different writer’s book and on same chapter try to solve the problems given on that book’s (same chapter).Then make your target as that you will try to solve all the problems ,after that move to questions etc and try to answer the questions by yourself.
If you have correctly answered all  the questions then you can think that your conception is good.
To know whether your answer is OK or not try y to consult your teacher.

Now talking about the mocks tests: MOCK tests are they helpfull ?
My answer is yes, MOCK test are helpful only if you have prepared for the MOCK test each time ,So each time before appearing for the MOCK test just prepare by thinking that you are going to sit for a real test or JEE examination. Then sit for the MOCK test and then after that see how you performed on that test. Now  sit and think what are the problems, what mistakes  you made and how to cope with those mistakes you made so that next time you should not do any mistakes on the same.
So the purpose of the MOCK is to improve yourself not for just to sit in MOCK. Monitor your performance each time, your performance should increase.
I suggest not to take  more than one test per week.
So basic thing is take the test, analyse the results and then correct yourself and prepare for the next examination, this way you will be advanced to more better performance each time.
Now i think study on previous years questions papers is a good idea, then you will be able to judge yourself that how much you can answer for that examination.
I prefer not to waste your time by discussing the things which you can’t solve with your friends rather try yourself with the help of your teacher.

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