Jeet:Tollywood actor is going to be married soon

Ok so the busiest tollywood hero is  going to be married. Now this report is based on a interview taken by some reporter  and published in some  magagazine/newspaper.

Why he opt for settled marriage ?

As the actor said that he  always a liked the arranged marriage .Then he said that he left the responsibility to choose the right partner for him to his parents as he know that parents will always choose the best for    him.


 According to the ACTOR Jeet the arranged marriage just like an adventure where many good phases has to be revealed after the marriage.People will discover each other after they marry.



When asked about that what his to be bride think about his profession then he said that his to be bride have seen few of his movies and they also discussed about that and she also respect his profession as well as she can be a good critic of his films .According to the Jeet the career of family background of both the families are almost the same and certainly this will help in adjusting the going to be relation ship between the two families.


How did Jeet found out his life partner?


As the actor said there was a lady in lucknow who was his sisters relative, According to the actor that lady suggested   him to marry the to be bride of jeet.

Then after the actor meets her, he begins to like her    and amazed to her simplicity and found that she can be fitted as his life partner.


When asked about that whether the actor thinks that his bride(to be) may come in film-then actor said that he don’t think so .

What is the date of the marriage:

As  the actor said it may be on February 2011.

Now  who is the  girl??

She is a lucknow based school teacher name Mohna.

We all welcome Mohna to WestBengal.


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