BollyWood and the akshay kumer and a FAN:Why i like Akshay Kumer

Hi I am a simple guy who watch movies rarely.

Now I am here to tell about some of my feelings that I want to share about the cinemas and the akki(I mean   Akshay kumer).


I first watched Akki when I was at small age(I have seen means always in cinema I never met him in personal)

I first saw him in some movies in possibly in nineties-1990-1995  I mean  1990-1993 etc times.

What was the things I get attracted to this actor:At   that age we generally liked action kind of films and akki came that time and we I mean me and my friends heard that akki is very good in  martial arts –just by hearing that and after seeing a few rounded kicks I found I became almost a fan of Akki.May be too childish to be fan at that age just for the reason stateded above.

But he was really good on martial arts among the  heros at that time.

I understand that akki was not the best karateka in the world but at the film he—I mean among the film heros of the bollywood at that time I found him the best according to me.

More of all akki has a god gifted physic-we who are not in the show business will always liked that kind of physic. Specially I was very mush amazed on two advertise ments  that came into Tv at that time, because being in a small town family and being a 12-15 years boy it was not so frequent to watch movies in cinema halls. So what we had was tv .So  at that time the TV Ads of “Rough Taugh” jeans came  where Akki showing a round kick I was so amazed that many tims I tried to copy that kick and failed.

Another Ad was Pepsi where Akki performed a flying kick.

That was just amazing.

The first movie I watched was as I can remember now is “élan—“ELAN” casting AKKI,AMRISH PURI  and others.


After that many years has gone Akki has got some age I also grow  up.

Then after  my studies are complete and then I watched many of his movies during my college life and university life.


After that I found that Martial art is not the only thing to be a quality of an actor, he has to do well in acting also.Now that is very much present in Akki’s performance now and from many days.

He is not just a fighting hero now he can play comedy as well as many  other kind of roll well suited him. I can remember one movie (among many ) that wher he played a role of a mujrim after that he became a good and became a “Lohar”and I can’t remember movie name at that time.I liked that role.


I when got some time I found that akki was in a different profession at the early years of life and  after that he went to bollywood and succeeded.


And there is no doubt Akki is a superstar NOW in bollywood.


I just to say few things about akki I like and not like just as a critic.

Its only my personal opinion.

No doubt akki peroforming very well now and from many years.


What are the areas I think akki is great?

First of all in action stunts –I think there is nobody(I mean no actor-not the stuntman)No actor I have seen performed better that Akki in stunt.

In action sequences and Marshar art Akki is the best-just best.

I think the style for Akki’s martial art is Taikondu-I may be wrong but I think so.


Now what Akki is lacking of is expression during action seens-To me it seems when aki is fighting- he is just playing or practicing in a  DOJO-Now compare with the action seens performed by Sunny(( From viewer point of me)hes angry image is just enough to amaze the viewer though  his(Sunny’)martial art and other not so good as akki.


So Though in some films Akki has given a good expression during fighting seens.-but in most of the cases I found it seems he just fighting very well in a free mude.

If I am not clear what I meant to say is that suppose you re are fighting with anger as well as you are a very good fighter-now in another situation you are showing you are angry and fighting in a “DOJO”(Karate etc places).

SO the angry seens seem to be more natural.I will give Akki 6 on 10 on that.


I comedy seens Akkii is just the great.

In sorrow or sad situation acting I will give akki 7 out of 10.

In romantic seens I will give 9 out of 10  for akki.

So what are the good points I found in Akki(Akshay Kumer)- First of all he is not a son of any actor(as far I know-He is just Akshay).

Can remember the song in film “Khilarion ka Khiladi” the song was (part) “ Na kisi hero ke Bachhe –Hum hai sidhe sadhe Aksay akshay ‘’

Yes that’s akshay.


So I think the struggle he made   at the intial life is the key for his success.

He struggled that’s why he stayed so much time in theis industry.


He is Polite enogh –as far I have seen him form the appearances in different media and interviews –its just grat people should learn from him.(its my opinion).

Obviously many other actors are polite enough to be an example.



Another Funny thing I want to share –Do u know who is my favorite actress—Its Twinkle Kahnna.

You  will not believe how happy I felt when my favorite actress married my favorite actor.

Its just too good feeling.

I liked that fact.Though this is a long ago happening-but at that time I was not been able to write a blog-so now I am expressing myself.


Hoping Akki’s Son will some  day come to film profession-If akki and Twinkcle decide.


Thank You Akki. For so long enchating us .



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