A Simple traffic light controller projects for all

What to do and how?
So when you have to implement this project you need to know that this is very easy project in terms electronic  implementation , the major components are the Lights (may be LEDs of different color as well as other things like the microcontroller 89c51  and power supply). The power supply can be made using the transformers as well as the IC 7805 etc.
Now the real thing that have to do here is that  and what we have to know is that how the different points in the street has to be taken care off and  where the lights are to be placed and how the algorithm and flowchart has to be designed for light control. Which light will be glowed  and when .Now how to develop of the the algorithm and the related parts.

Suppose that there are 4 corners in a street and  at each corner there are one traffic light stands, now what are the things needed to be done ?Just try to think different situations and how that situations can be used to get a working situation the traffic lights. I mean which light will be on when and which will be OFF and if glow then with which color it will glow, that things need to be taken care off. So the whole real part or hardness of the project lies on  the programming part.
Now this things need to be properly designed and tested very carefully because this can cause accidents if not properly designed. Just in a highly busy traffic signal point there is a mistake –just imagine what will happen then. So the full proof design must be there.

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