Avatar 2010:A review:Worth to watch

Avatar the movie  i just watched. Just want to tell something about the movie. First of all after seeing the movie i thought what i have just seen ,what moments i observed, its so lovely each and every  part of the movie, its just incredibly good.

What world has been created by the  James Cameron as well as what a story & what a representation(WOW!) and what special effects. In each and every category i think this movie is the best of 2010.

I just want to share the portions of the movie which i liked most .
Just try to remember the sin when the girl(heroine) running the big bird and let the hero watch her that how to ride on that big bird.

Another sin where when the hero is trying to get his first flying bird and trying to make him his pet and friend that touched me a little bit.

Other sin which touched me most when the girl trying to protect the body of the hero when his mind is transferred again back to human body. This touched me too much in terms of love. As well as i felt very sad when first time missiles and rockets are fired and a big tree destroyed ,i felt how hard it is for them who had their homes on that tree.

Next the  sin at last when the inhabitants(at the time of final war) may seems to be retreating  and suddenly all the creatures together revolted and get the win back to the inhabitants.

The furious animal  (black leopard type Big animal) also decided to be the friend of the of the girl and let her ride on him against the cornel ,that’s just wonderful-conveys the message that when threat is on existence of a species on a planet all all united against the aliens(here humans are acted as aliens to that planet with their invation on that planet).

The story in brief is that ( just telling the parts where people may not understand ) because this is  a hi tech thinking movie. There is some way people have developed technology to transfer the mind over to the inhabitants of the planet. Then that way a marine who lost his legs is used to transfer his mind to a inhabitant to know the secret information  but he revolted.

All the film is totally enjoyable and its worth to spend money to watch this film.

Next some confusion remained -may be i have not understood.
How the native girl(i mean the heroine ) learned to talk in English?

Only that part i have not understood ,except that  each and every part of the movie is worth watching.

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