Robinhood 2010:A movie to watch

First of all I want to make it clear that this is  a movie which is lengthy.This movie duration is almost 2 hours and 35 minutes. What are the beautiful things in the movie ? The answer is the sceneries and the presentation of the movie is nice.
When I started to watch this move what I found that it not seems to be the story we know on Robinhood ? Is this the same movie story we know about Robinhood or we are going to  watch a remake of the older Robinhood movies ? The answer is no ?The story of  movie tells about the story how Robinhood becomes the Robinhood, before he has taken his shelter in the forest and started his fight against Notinghum  sheriff. This movie also shows that how he faught on the side of the king against the france invasion across the sea areas before he became the Robinhood. What are the circumstances that made him to choose the life of Robinhood and made him to stay in the forest.
So reason behind this  and shown in a good representative way in the movie .No doubt the Naughtinghum village shown here is too good –I am again saying I liked the film location.
Next the Curt Russel in the role of Robinhood as good as he  as an actor. But he  looked a little bit older .As this film shows the  early days of Robinhoods life,  at the early stages of his life so he should look a little bit younger.

Next the fighting sins should be a little bit more elaborate and good.
More or less they are so so category in comparison with the movies like “cronicles of Narnia “

The ending of the movie doesn’t satisfied me –may be just ended saying that next life of Robinhood starts from there but that may add a success to the film maker in the sense that I wanted to see more of that though the film ended.

But as a  overall grade I will give 75 out of 100 for this movie.
But again this is a personal opinion.

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