Predator 2010:New movie a review

All I am writing is my personal opinion many people may differ with that.The new version of predator is released.
Film is good no doubt. But as what we have seen in Arnold Schwarzenegger the main actor seems not as taugh  as that.
Its my personal opinion. The movie is good in the sense that it has a suspense all around the movie but as we know what creature is ultimately will come so its known at that sense that we are going to see that old predator uniform again.
The movie special effects are good but not too good, we have seen this kind of thing in many other movies but still the overall is good.
The story is so so ,in some parts the story seems  a little bit slow.
At last seen the story is just like it starts again when the paratroopers dropped again just like at the starting of the film
Its not very clear to me that why the people or how the people  get to that planet. Some questions remained at the last –that what will be next ,are there many other predators on there ,if yes how the main actor handle that without many weapons etc as the weapons etc are almost nil now.
But still the movie make its viewers a good taste as it is fully adventures movie.
I liked the movie .

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