Bengali Movie 2010:Sedin Dekha Hoechilo

Why i liked the movie sedin dekha hoechilo:

first of all the movie can be seen many times only to see the beautiful sceneries

The movie songs are excellent.

More of all I liked the actress shrabanti she is just great in look and as well as his expressions: its great.

The hero hero of the film worked well no doubt as well in the dancing scenes he worked extremely well.

This movie can be watched many times just because of the following three terms

Best location

Best songs

And Shrabonti

According to my personal opinion.

So the movie make yourself feel that there are many things in life you can watch and feel.

I generally don’t watch Bengali movies to much but I felt with love with this movie not because of the story etc but for songs and the scenery of the films .

More of all I will recommend to go and watch this film to see how beautiful shrabonti is looking at this film (as shrabonti is my favorite actress and I want her to do more Bengali films. )

I have seen some of her films earlier (part of the films) but in none of the films I found her so much beautiful as she looks in this film(believe me), may be I prefer faces like shrabonti very much (like raveena and twinkle in bollywood).

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