FET:Field effect transistor some questions

Some questions i am asking and i am expecting some body to answer it or get the
answers from your teacher

Q1. Why it is called field effect?
Q2. What is the field mentioned here ,how the field mentioned here and is it related with the voltage
Q3. if related with the voltage with which voltage
Q4. What is our aim for studying the transistors
Q5. How FET transistors are different form thoseĀ  of BJTS
Q6. Which one is better BJT or FET
Q7. In which application scenarios we use FET
Q8. What is unipolar and bipolar device
Q9. In FET Characteristic curve why after pinch-off the current saturates
Q10. What is the reason behind the saturation because as the channel get constricted then why current remain saturated
Q11. What are the applications where the saturation property of FET can be utilized.
Q12. What are the source and drain and how do we identify them though the device is a symmetrical device.
Q13. FET and MOSFET how they are different
Q14. FET and BJT which one consumes less power.

Now to answer those questions what bare things you need to read.

Must read the basic device of FET from any text book and then try to answer those.

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