Educational Webportals

Having a webportal is the best way to serve prople if you are associated with a corporate ot Institution or may be freelancer  serving society in any way. Webportals are not just staic websites ,they are dynamic in nature and provides the best way to satify the requirements of  each single user of the system(Ideally).This may be a total interactive platform between a user and others associated with this.
What are the advantages if I have a webportal for my institutions/Corporate sector?
If you have a webportal then no matter how far the memebers and peoples who are attached with
your Institutions/Company , they will be always in touch through the  services provided by the webportals.
From educational point of view in can be said that the webportal can be an easy way and service to help all students by helping them involved in a total way from knowledge sharing to direct teacher interaction and also from learning to implementation by deep sharing of informations and knowledge between teachers ,friends, seniors,juniors and others.
IS there any other advantage

There may be other indirect advantage.
For eaxmple when you have an active webportal online ,that means your site activity and portal is viewable by all the world.So people residing outside the country may come accross your portal activity and may
be influenced enough to join the institution as a foreigner candidate(Provided you have the foreign student intake capability according to your country rules).
So in brief
having a webportal means  lots of students teachers attached with it.(Please note I am talking about educational webportals) So have fully functional student-teacher community active round the clock(Ideally).One such kind of organization that can give these services at FREE is