Ragging : What the real problem is : Part I

We failed to save the student from being ragged to ultimate death of 1st year student of Hamachal Pradesh.
Stdunet  of Dehradun’s school can’t save his ears from raggers and there are many more results all around the INDIA.
Though the Govt. has taken very strict steps in this matter but still the incidences are still occuring either in big scale or in small scale.

Whenever a student takes admission to new college the challenge is to adopt the new structure (educational) and environment of the college.Another big challenge is wining over the fear called Ragging.
The untold truth is that  if you pass the ragging test conducted by your seniors then you will stay peacefully during test of your studey else …..may have a big problem.

Most of the parents stay in anxiety about how to cope with this problem,how to mentally prepare their sons/daughters about ragging,where to go for justice if students get ragged.Most of the parents are in dark in these matters.

Whenever a person’s own son/daughter become a victim of ragging then everything becomes so much dishevelled that people can’t think where to go ,whoose suggession  is to take or compromise with the issue for the future of the student (as sometimes college  also wants to conceal the matter).Students also lost their self confidance as wel a s get disappointed.

So Blog readers do you have any suggessions in this matter ,then write your comment.

Part II  Coming Soon……

In The next part I will discuss about the self confidenace building for facing the ragging..

If  Anybbody has any good ideas of how to protect ragging and how to cope with ragging activities,their comments are welcome to this post.